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Voices Why tax reform is so fiendishly difficult in the U.S. Bloomberg News. Bitcoin Bloomberg News March 8.ADCCA INDUSTRY NEWS. Bitcoin of course is a global currency and it makes sense for different industry bodies to work collaboratively. Bloomberg News.Believe me, if TA was matched against it, it would have followed the same fate as the Overstock anouncement.The thread would have persisted for months, if not years, had not the other blog participants acknowledged that Vincent was exhibiting a severe case of Black Knight Syndrome, and subsequently quarantined Vincent to a rubbish thread.Connecting decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas, Bloomberg quickly and accurately delivers business and financial information, news.

In fact its main influence so far is to form a subset of the set of big announcements.

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Speculators realize that this mechanic is occurring and know that unless a whale steps up to the plate that a downturn is inevitable.The rest of the rise is just momentum creating more momentum.While highlighting the range of opinions on bitcoin, Bloomberg announced on Wednesday that it will include information about the cryptocurrency on its.At some point, that pressure had to be released, and that release was predictably violent.Overall it is that Bitcoin is slowly but surely coming of age and startling to gain wider acceptance.

You got me to start watching Bloomberg,. we hear bad Bitcoin news left and right,.Bitcoin News June 1, 2017 No Comments btcuser bitcoin, Bloomberg, News.

If it had any effect, it would fall under the category symbolic (milestone reached).If all the news, all this investment and everything surrounding this technology becomes valued by the whole world at the same level, for example, that FB valued WhatsApp then we are looking at more than 100% of a price increase.Edit 4: I almost forgot, I got bullish again when I heard about being able to send bitcoin over facebook to my friends and family.

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Bloomberg has started providing bitcoin pricing to more than 320, subscribers via its Bloomberg Professional service.In another move to the mainstream for bitcoin, financial information giant Bloomberg will now show prices and social media news on its terminals.Additionally, there had been a lot of good news culminating during the downtrend.

Bloomberg Brief has published a Special Report about Bitcoin.So yeah, if people will pay you to hold their money, it shows how little they value it.Here is the cake, for the first time ever, for someone from the masses (as opposite to elite) to take a piece now, if you are smart and fearless enough.

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The author is a Forbes. is merely the focus of the latest news.

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It was slow, over-architected, not open source and actually not even that innovative.

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If nobody understands where the money is coming from, it might be coming out of thin air.If we assume for a moment that there is no speculation occurring and that prices have reached equilibrium, news that indicates situations that directly affects liquidity (like China) will result that less bitcoins will be bought over time.The price is a reflection of the increase in the % of people on this planet who have concluded that Bitcoin is a superior technology to act as a store of value and a transaction mechanism and have acted to purchase and own it.

Many even compared it to email of the early days, and pointed out that even email had its critics once upon a time.Bitcoin is now listed on exchanges and has been paired with leading world currencies such as.In the case of Bitcoin the underlying tech is also a currency.

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You are making yourselves look silly Bloomberg.:) 0 replies 2.

Took me 30 seconds to get a transaction broadcast to the network.Due to a few (or a lot) of bad actors, the protocol has earned a bad reputation, even though the technology itself is not evil.Every day that successfully passes is further confirmation that Bitcoin is here to stay.

Bitcoin tumbles below $3K as China reportedly orders

The only reason you never hear about those is because everyone forgot about them after they failed.The news of Dish and Apple combined may have helped the price, but only because it was in conjunction with TA (technical analysis).

Anyways, the bitcoin markets is heavily driven by whales IMO.

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Bloomberg is planning to incorporate bitcoin prices into its suite of financial data terminals, according to a blog post written by the company on its corporate website.Those more clearly show that the trend is up (exponential) with relatively minor blips up and down along the way.