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Just wished to know if anybody has used a GTX 1070 for bitcoin mining and how their performance was.

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The other one was the Intel SGX, which I did not find a full understanding of what that is.A new motherboard design that packs eight graphics cards for cryptocurrency mining could be the best. to running a system with dual GTX 1080s and a GTX 1070,.

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Powered by NVIDIA pascal, the ASUS dual-fan GTX 1070 delivers cool Overclocked performance with a 1797Mhz Boost clock and Patented wing-blade fans shrouded in white.The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 has a lot to offer to its fans and it has a lot to live up to, its predecessor.

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And yesterday I took delivery of 2 Gigabyte 1060 6GB cards to finish my final rig.How does the 980 GTX compared to the 1070 GTX when Mining Ether.As our goal is to inform you on what you can expect from a given mining setup.I realized at this point, I maybe could have just done 1607, because I went through the same process as when I reinstalled Windows the first time.

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Time for some overclocking of the GeForce GTX 1070 Owners Edition and also operating the tests yet again to see exactly what hashrate rise could we presume from the.

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Probably only if you have an identical or very similar setup.Are You CryptoCurrency Mining?.The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 is powered by the same Pascal GP104 GPU as the GTX 1080,.

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This is a very rough estimate looking at a couple of the mining calcs but mining on a GTX 1080 using the.Not sure what the scoop is, but after running the 376.33 drivers without any issues (and good performance), I figured that maybe the recommended drive might get me a little more rate.I even let GForce experience install, and I switched off the update notifications.

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Ok, So first off, my philosophy is a bit different from others here, maybe most.

Ethereum Mining GPU Performance Roundup. NVIDIA GTX 1070 FE: Pascal:.I have gone through different bios setting guides and the common problem seems to be getting all six cards to work.We are visiting cover the overclock for the GeForce GTX 1070 and also the mining hashrate with OC in a comply with up post,.

Zero problems. Now this. No refunds, no exchanges, RMA for two more of the same.As already noted the situation with Pascal GPUs including the GTX 1080 and the GTX 1070 is the same for Ethereum mining.

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Here I will be posting the best hashrates and the clocks that have been used to achieve those.Ethereum Mining GPU Hashrate Performance Roundup. NVIDIA GTX 1070.

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Next I installed the Windows anniversary update (Windows 10 1607).I decided to uninstall everyrhing and do a clean reinstall of Windows, then update to 1607. reinstall the 1.D BIOS to the motherboard, the drivers, then reinstall nvidia drivers. someone suggested disconnecting the vnc cable.

You can tip me at: 0x6Fd004d638031aaCB6409AE6dA9Ad5eA915678f7.Overclock and BIOS mod for Ethereum mining on EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC 08G-P4-6173-KR.Cudaminer Guide for Nvidia GPUs. The Cudaminer is designed specifically for Nvidia GPU mining with Cuda.

Game gtx 1070 mining - PC Games or Mobile Games Free, Watch Gameplay - Games Lords.It wont go over 60 degrees in AIDA64 after 10 minutes, so the temps are quite fine.I attempted to install CUDA after this but it said it wanted visual studio.

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So the two I ordered came yesterday - stuck them in a rig, fired it up, fans at 40% otherwise stock settings running ethminer. 5 minutes later the top card is showing 82c at about 105w.This post is about Ethereum mining. with a Nvidia GTX 1070 so I can experience virtual-reality gaming with a HTC Vive at a great.I started with none of the GPUs plugged into the PCIE slots, as in I left all the risers unplugged from the motherboard.

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Top notch rig built with best available components for mining etheruem.I will reinstall the CUDA driver as well. not totally sure what else I should be thinking about. but thank you for the heads up on 1607.Clearly, as at present discussed it could not be the ideal option for serious mining operations the place GTX 1070 would do far better in terms of efficiency,.Cranked the fans up to 75% - over 2000rpm - temp drops to about 75c Turn off fan control and undervolted to 80 watts - temps are now in the 70s, no loss of hashrate, fans are at about 50%.