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My idea of gaming is Infinitely Modded SimCity 4 and some Dawn of Discovery.CUDA has been around longer and is generally accepted and therefore the least risk.Read the guide for more reasons on why you should use Bitcoin.Then maybe Nvidia will loose enough business to see the error of their ways and start giving their customers what they want again.There are even better cards available but all depends on your. 5.5 Why are AMD (ATI) GPUs better than Nvidia GPUs for Bitcoin.

They will aim for 65% NV market and accept the check from them instead.The funny (actually sad) thing here is all the Nvidia fans on this site (and others) absolutely refuse to acknowledge that fact, even though Nvidia itself stated that intention before they even released their latest cards.If OpenCL gains traction expect a driver to improve all cards from NV shortly after it does so They are only holding it back to keep cuda on top IMHO.I almost bought the 660ti 3gb, but changed my mind and almost bought a 7950.At one time ATI Cards were in a sense better than Nvidia but lacked in.In the 7790 article this week they used ratgpu (opencl only raytrace crap app), bitcoin mining (no real work there either), and Luxmark.LOL. Why not AdobeCS6, Blender, 3DSMAX, Autocad, Vray etc.

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OpenCL I challenge anyone to find Cuda getting beat by OpenCL.A Wall Street bank used bitcoin to prove that NVIDIA is better than its competitors. also known as GPUs or graphics cards, and it competes with companies like AMD.

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AMD Radeon 3x faster on bitcoin mining SHA-256 hashing performance. AMD cards can give the bang for the.

If i had to suggest an AMD card I would suggest the 7870XT (Tahiti LE) since it has a SUBSTANTIALLY higher double precision floating point potential than the 7870 Ghz edition without that much of a significant price jump.Deploy AMD Radeon and FirePro graphics cards now, and get an ultimate gaming experience.AMD is ready and Nvidia is not (as they are still pushing CUDA).AMD Could Be Devastated by the Bitcoin Craze. faster computers with better parts are better at. that can be mined with AMD cards and exchanged for Bitcoin.All of my Google research sends me to articles and forums from 2010 and 2011.AMD GPU Sales Explode due to Cryptocurrency Mining Goldrush. available AMD graphics cards is at an. demand is because they are better at handling the.Much better bitcoin mining score:. clearly RX 480 is the better card.OCUK has tried to divert the miners toward cards better suited.

Titan should never score a tie with 680, it has far more cuda cores, 6GB or ram etc.AMD GPUs of the...

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Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2. i remember reading about some bitcoin stuff a few. seems like everyone is using late model ATI cards for their.Bitcoin mining is a lot like a giant lottery. for mining bitcoins and the ATI Radeon HD 5870 turned. luck at bitcoin mining then this Bitcoin miner is.Producing mining-specific cards should benefit AMD and Nvidia in.

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Nvidia and AMD graphics card sales are surging thanks to Bitcoin,.You can currently make money mining bitcoins using Radeon cards,.OpenCL will be behind this tech for ages as there is NO money behind it.

Which is that Nvidia has moved away from GPU computing and I for one think that sucks.Bitcoin mining with Integrated graphics. cards AMD performs much better than. to do well in bitcoin mining, for this, at least ATI is a clearly better.

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If you want to setup a Bitcoin box,. using specific flags that end users find most beneficial to providing better.This kind of reminds me of the sheeple that follow a particular computer company.

Why waste money optimizing for OpenCL to make AMD users happy.Well the first place I got this info was from Nvidia themselves when after the 500 series cards they said they would be focusing less GPU computing in the new GTX 600 series.Elsewhere you can find a 10-20x perf improvement when using cuda even over intel 6-8 core chips so again, if your app supports cuda, go NV period.Can I use one graphics card for games and one for Bitcoin mining,.Ethereum is much faster than Bitcoin in both. in their video cards so that they perform better. graphics card to the end user.Adobe however, works already and IS optimized heavily and everyone uses it.

A Wall Street bank used bitcoin to prove that NVIDIA is