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Hedge Token — Managing crypto risk exposure via hedging instruments.BmyCoin — A personal, automated trading system for cryptocurrencies.DISLEDGER — Non-blockchain, distributed ledger for high volume transactions.Native Currency — A cryptocurrency for the freelance industry.

BALANCE OPEN — An app to manage your money, including cryptocurrencies.Christ Coin Crowdfunding — Aiming to meet the spiritual needs of all people.Mirocana — A series of artificial intelligence powered investment products.Read breaking news and stay up to date with insightful articles on.

B2BX — A cryptocurrency exchange aggregator for institutional clients.FLUENCE — Decentralized storage platform for structured data.Sunlightcoin — An open charitable project for Ukrainian orphans.FundCoin — A private equity fund focused on the blockchain industry.If you would like us to create an ICO Report for a specific ICO, let us know.

AMMBR — Tokenizing internet connectivity with a wireless mesh network.The Memessenger — Messenger that uses memes instead of words.Maler Grupp — A renovation and construction company operating in the Russian Federation.Cru Coins — Tokens designed to fund an art exhibition by Corp Cru.Diamond Reserve Club — A private, tokenized business membership club.Assistive Reality — Creating the most advanced enterprise Augmented Reality applications.

PYLON NETWORK — Decentralized energy exchange for renewable energy.

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ESR Wallet — Universal payment and credit service with support of popular cryptocurrencies.Bally V5500 video poker - Pro Series - 25 cent COIN not token - Has sound - works perfectly.

Virtu — A next generation video consumption and monetization platform.OBSIDIAN — A platform for secure communication and file transfer.

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Onesies - Onesies is slot player slang for a slots player who plays only one coin or one credit.

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Clinton beat Bernie Sanders by a razor-thin margin Monday night in Iowa.Naomi universal cabinet upright cabinets only a cabinet designed. arcade and video game machine sales including pcbs, pinballs to the coin...Etherparty FUEL — Create smart contracts across multiple blockchains.

Electroneum — A mobile and accessible app-based cryptocurrency.CombiCoin — Cryptocurrency backed by the top 30 cryptocurrencies.In contrast, only three projects have said they are canceling or postponing the sale of coins because of the warning.Cove Identity — End-to-end control of your digital identity and documents.

Dolphin Blockchain Intelligence — A platform for collaborative crypto investment analysis.Bit Life and Trust — Automated insurance powered by blockchain technology.MAMMOTH CASINO — Decentralized gambling platform built using smart contracts.ARCHAIN — A decentralized, uncensorable archive of the Internet.Here are some kid games that use coins that can help children learn.BioPayCoin — Biometric fingerprint scanning security for your crypto wallet.One card to replace them all. This. Coin can store all of your swipe-able cards in a single card.CoinLoan — Lending platform that uses cryptocurrency as collateral.EOS — The most powerful infrastructure for decentralized apps.

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Circle — Transparent and exciting forecasting platform built on blockchain tech.Then, when you want to pay for something, scroll through and choose the one you want — the Coin device is swiped just like a regular card.TechBench — Social platform for independent developers and investors.

CRYPTICS — P2P crypto analytics based on artificial intelligence.REX — Decentralized real estate listing platform built on Ethereum.WINDING TREE — Decentralizing the oligopolistic travel industry.