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The pin member and the box member are helically rotated together up to a minimum of an empirically predetermined torque range.Cause analysis of Casing thread damage. with a different sealing method in comparison with conventional BTC.A method of connecting threaded pipe sections to form a made-up thread casing, comprising the steps of: a) providing a first pipe section including an externally threaded pin member having a face at its end, said first thread section having been marked with a triangle stamp in accordance with API Specification Std. 5B, Section 2 (13th ed.

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In the petroleum drilling and producing, the product is widely used in a variety of complex terrain due to.By contrast, the other pipe section 10B in coupling 18 is improperly connected to its box member 20B, in that the face 22 B is not at least aligned with triangle base 26 B, leaving triangle 17 completely exposed.It is well known in the petroleum industry that the performance of an API connection is highly dependent on the makeup assembly (engagement) condition of the joint, and therefore it is important to determine if the joint is made-up properly.If the make up torque was up to 12k ft-lb after the first couple of thread,.

The tubular joint is then observed and if the face 22A of the box member 20A is properly positioned relative to the triangle mark 16 on the pipe section 10A, the joint is acceptable and make-up is terminated.

After recently graduating I have started working offshore and I do not know the difference between threads. Therefore the make-up is made by torque and toque.Higher cost proprietary connections are routinely run in place of API buttress connections in high pressure gas applications.Casing Connection Selection for Geothermal Applications Using New Input from.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION A method of coupling API buttress connections in such a way as to provide high sealability in high pressure gas applications is disclosed.If the face 22A has not reached the edge 24 A of the triangle mark 16, the torque is increased until either the face 22A progresses into the body of the triangle mark 16 or until maximum torque occurs.GB Tubulars is an independent worldwide distributor of Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) with a line of semi-premium casing connections designed.Torque shoulder prevents over make-up. type (EUE, STC, LTC, BTC), balancing flexibility with high torque.The reverse angle torque shoulder provides a positive torque stop, which allows for accurate power tight make-up and minimizes hoop stresses in the connection.All casing couplings are manufactured to API 5CT latest edition.Buttress Thread Casing, Wholesale Various High Quality Buttress Thread Casing Products from Global Buttress Thread Casing Suppliers and Buttress Thread Casing Factory.Additional tests were conducted at a later date that were made-up to the apex of the triangle.Both specimens were made-up to the base of the API triangle stamp and tested.

The first pipe section 10A is provided with a triangle mark 16 at a predetermined position on the exterior surface of the section 10A, in accordance with API Std. 5B. A second pipe section or coupling 18 with length N L includes two corresponding threaded box members 20A and 20B having respective faces 22A and 22B at their ends, as shown in FIG. 1. The internal threads are plated with tin 11A.In an effort to further quantify the performance of this makeup condition, some specimens were specially machined to worst-case API tolerances for further testing.

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PERFORMANCE PROPERTIES Requirements for Leak Resistance of API. make-up torque values.Dear All, Please help me to calculate or show any helpful tips or reference on above subject.This makeup condition successfully contains gas internal pressure, assuming all thread elements are within API tolerances.THREADING TO API SPECIFICATIONS: API Threads with couplings are extra strong for deep and high-deviated wells.

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This extra torque capability is provided by the torque shoulder.A first pipe section 10A includes an externally threaded pin member 12 having a face 14 at its end.

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These box members have an interiorly-threaded female end corresponding to their respective pin members.These buttress connections provide high tensile load capability, but do not always provide reliable gas sealability performance, and have therefore been used primarily for liquid service applications.It is to be understood that the joint can be used with a coupling, collar or conventional box member as illustrated in the FIGURE.This predetermined position window is the same for all pin members of a similar size, grade, weight and thread type (or form) and therefore the marks can be applied with a simple template prior to the make-up of the joint.

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If upon make-up, the joint is visually inspected on the rig floor to be within the proper position and within the proper torque range, the joint is acceptable.The pin member and box member of a second pipe section are then threaded or screwed (helically rotated) together up to a minimum of an empirically predetermined torque range.

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Although these two torque operations require different torque values, the triangle marks remain identical because the needed threaded axial engagement remains the same.Threaded pipe sections are connected to form a casing joint having proper sealing positioning at proper makeup torque.Recommended Make-Up Torque, API Tolerances, TFA Chart. Related searches for btc api thread chart Specification for Threading,.

Aside from these differences, the testing program was the same for all sizes.

PERFORMANCE PROPERTIES Requirements for Leak Resistance of