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So I think that in the next month, it might actually go down a little bit.Especially if something happens to Bitcoin, then Monero could kick ass due to its anonomous features.What will the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, IOTA, NEM, Litecoin, Dash, NEO, ETC, Monero, OmiseGo, BitConnect, Qtum, Zcash, TenX, E.Cryptocurrency returns have broken many of the known models of returns.But how do you determine whether a cryptocurrency is profitable for long or short term investment.One of the cryptocurrency I was interested in was PIVX, and this has just been crazy over the last three months.So you preduct btc no longer will be the king in 10 years ahead.

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With the fork now it is really interesting how thinks will go but I also see a bright future for steem.I always enjoy reading your posts and watching your wacky videos.

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Litecoin prediction analysis LTCUSD September 7, 2017 Litecoin prediction analysis is buying and selling at level 75.Get Ready for a Huge 2017 in the World of Crypto Currency and Bitcoin.Now, the data looks good on Ethereum Classic because the Bitcoin price has actually been pretty high in the past.New investors like myself are coming in with money to invest.I think Stratis has a good shot to be a long-term option for many companies to use, which gives it a good chance to go up.

I think a lot of people are not excited or are scared of buying into Steem again.Steem exploding and all around madness and happiness for everyone:).

If you look at this recent graph of it here, it seems like it might have got a little over inflated.Looking forward to hear more from you and other like minded people on this.

As a finance person, I understand the costs and time in sending money via swift as the banks currently do, but Ripple and XRP will swallow swift.Litecoin I think has a bright future, they are going to implement smart contracts soon and it is a coin that has proven itself over the last couple of years.

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I agree and think that Steem will do great especially after this successful Fork, many new mambers are motivated and working harder.Though the Steemit platform is great, the growth of steemit with its current features, is inversely proportional to the value of steem.It has not had that much of a surge compared to a lot of these other currencies.

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Now, out of all these currencies, Steem has not got blown up the same way.Which course of yours is the best for a newbie cryptocurrency investor.

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Now, Zcash was a billion dollar market cap for a little while and it has started to get close to what its market cap was before.

Apologies for any inaccuracies in my description, as I am not an expert on smart contracts.The BTC will continuu to grow considering the worldwide interest.See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Jun 21 - Part II.

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Now, one of them has a very good future in my opinion and I posted a video about it yesterday.

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I think that the Ethereum price in the short term might be up a little high.I really enjoyed reading your viewpoints on where the prices would be going on these cryptocurrencies.Now, I think that anything that gets blown up this fast is likely to have a hard correction.However, in a year and 10 years, I think the prices will continue to go higher and higher as people worldwide start to put their money into user managed currencies rather than into government based currencies.Your information on all these coins would add up for ones confidence and make a gear shift.