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The Right Side Electric Starter replaces the old-fashioned motorcycle kick start.Touch the animation button on the left for a translation of the coin legend.The western tradition of coinage began in Asia Minor (modern Turkey), in the late seventh.

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Extremely Rare Ancient Chimera CoinThis is an electrum stater from the ancient city of Kyzikos, Mysia, circa 550-500 BC.Find best value and selection for your Gold Electrum El 1 24 Stater Ionia 600 550 B C Ancient Greek coin Unique search on eBay.

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Antiques and Rare Collectibles. Ancient Greek Lesbos, Mytilene El Hekte Gold Electrum Stater 377 - 326 Bc: SOLD: Rochester, NY.

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The obverse with the portrait of the chief goddess of Carthage.Shop a bunch of Electrum Gold Hekte 521 and similar products available for sale this week.

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Today they are extremely rare, suggesting they must have been struck in very small quantities before Croesus began to produce his regular coinage.

They were made of electrum (approximately 55% gold and 45% silver).

G1244 An Excessively Rare Greek Electrum Stater of Kyzikos (Mysia), a Wonderful Depiction of Poseidon in Electrum.

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Persian Empire Daric Gold coin,The daric and the silver coin,.You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price.Ancient Greek Stater coins for sale right now online. CARTHAGE Zeugitania Electrum Stater 310BC Tanit Horse Ancient Greek Coin NGC.

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Scyphate Stater (Electrum, 22 mm, 6.88 g, 3 h). Buy or Bid Sale 202,.

A beautiful ancient Punic electrum stater, struck circa 310 BC in the great city of Carthage.

Made from electrum,. is the electrum stater that features a crouching.Shop online for Greek Horse and save on Greek Horse direct from Ebay.Featuring a selection assortment of Ancient Greek Coins available on sale on.

See the wilwinds page on unidentifiable electrum. 90% Silver for sale.Wreathed head of Tanit left. Rev. Horse standing right on ground-line. (Jenki.