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Trump prioritizes his base over opportunity for broad political.

Pictet's Donay Says Political Trouble Slowing in Europe

A brash billionaire businessman with populist politics, coarse speech and a knack for self-promotion, who enters the political arena and trumps experienced rivals by pledging to make his country great again.Europe Huge Manafort. that was more than the party itself reported spending in the same period for its entire operation — the national political.Piotr Wilczek, Polish ambassador to the U.S., discusses the current political climate in eastern Europe as Russia competes with the U.S. to retain its.

How Muslim immigration has transformed European politics

In Greece and Spain, almost half of young people are jobless, providing fertile ground for left-wing parties like Syriza in Athens and Podemos in Madrid.Christophe Donay, head of asset allocation and macro research at Pictet Wealth Management, discusses the U.K. election and the political turmoil in the region.

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Some claim Anders Breivik was a lone wolf, a madman, but others see in his manifesto the signs of an ideology that has spread across Europe.Up Next: Eddie Izzard talks comedy, politics and equality in his Reddit AMA.

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In Belgium your public, news media and politicians no doubt understand that there are often more than just two opposing opinions on particular issues.That would be Silvio Berlusconi, a former cruise-ship crooner turned media magnate who set up his own political party in 1994 and within months was prime minister of Italy — a post he held four times.European Parliament. Eddie Izzard talks comedy, politics and equality in his Reddit AMA.Download full-text. presents an introduction to the political system of the European Union. because of limited information on politics at the European.

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In the U.S., Sanders is considered a firebrand for supporting free higher education and public healthcare funded by tax hikes.

Update, June 23: Host Europe has issued a statement, which can be found at the bottom of this article.I have always seen this side of American politics but not truly understood why the political system turned out the way it has.

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Reddit appears to be the future of political campaigning, though, it has shown itself easy to game.

When 70 percent of American voters tell pollsters they think the country is headed in the wrong direction, it is hardly surprising that candidates representing continuity, like Hillary Clinton, find it a tough slog to persuade electors to plump for them.Breaking News, Latest News and Current Events from U.S., Politics, World, Entertainment, Health, Business, Technology, International Events and.A user on Reddit gave a great overview of why America has a two party political system and most of Europe has a multi-party political system.In Europe, political leaders are increasingly uneasy about openings to Turkey as Erdogan.

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As confusing as this might be in the States, it looks clearer from overseas: America is getting its first big dose of European politics.

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Political news about Congress, the White House, campaigns, lobbyists and issues.By signing up you agree to receive email newsletters or alerts from POLITICO.You should see their answers side by side. were asked about reducing the power of money in politics, but.Really the whole thing needs some large scale reform and rethinking, but two party systems have this nasty habit of opposing this kind of reform.

Switzerland-based Reddit clone Voat says its servers have been.Alberto Nardelli is Europe editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.Populist insurgents on both sides of the pond have tapped into widespread anger at the social and economic devastation left by the recession.

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Welcome to, the international political discussion forum.Sanders is not as easy to lampoon as Trump, but to Europeans, his elevation to leading man status in the Democratic primaries has a familiar ring about it.

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They could be our first taste of the ideological rifts tearing Europe apart.